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The White Shih Tzu: A Beautiful and Charming Companion

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The White Shih Tzu is a delightful and charming dog breed known for its elegant appearance and friendly personality. Originating in Tibet, these dogs were once considered sacred and were gifted to Chinese emperors. Let’s explore the fascinating world of White Shih Tzu dogs!

Basic Info

Here’s a quick overview of essential details about White Shih Tzu:

Aspect Details
Traditional Colors White is an accepted and official AKC color for Shih Tzu, but it’s considered rare.
Weight Typically between 9 to 16 pounds (4 to 7 kg).
Size Small and compact, standing about 8 to 11 inches (20 to 28 cm) at the shoulder.
Dog Height Approximately 8 to 11 inches (20 to 28 cm).
Lifespan Around 10 to 16 years.
Price White Shih Tzu puppies can range from $500 to $1,500, depending on lineage and breeder.
Suitable For Families, singles, and seniors who want a loyal and affectionate companion.

Physical Appearance

White Shih Tzu dogs have a distinctive appearance:

Aspect Description
Facial Structure Round face with expressive eyes and a short, flat muzzle.
Coat Thick, double coat with a soft undercoat and a longer, silky topcoat.
Nose Usually black, but liver (diluted brown) noses are also seen.
Eyes Large, dark, and expressive.
Ears Floppy, feathered, and set wide apart.
Muzzle Short and square.
Body Compact, sturdy, and well-proportioned.

Quick Facts

Here are some interesting facts about White Shih Tzu:

Aspect Details
Temperament Affectionate, friendly, and playful.
Reproduction Shih Tzu females usually have small litters (2 to 4 puppies).
Playtime Enjoys indoor play and short outdoor walks.
Intelligence Smart and eager to please.
Origins Bred by Tibetan monks and later gifted to Chinese emperors.
Genetics White is a recessive color, and specific breeding is needed to produce solid white Shih Tzu.
Breed Group Toy group (classified by the AKC).


White Shih Tzu are playing with girl in the garden

White Shih Tzu are playing with girl in the garden

White Shih Tzu dogs love both indoor and outdoor play:

Indoor Games Outdoor Games
Hide-and-seek Fetch and retrieve.
Puzzle toys Short walks in the park.
Interactive play Agility courses (gentle ones due to their small size).

Special Key Points

Additional noteworthy traits of White Shih Tzu:

Aspect Details
Adaptability Adapts well to apartment living and various environments.
Senses Keen sense of hearing and alertness.
Sleep Patterns Loves to nap and cuddle with their humans.
Sense of Smell Moderate sense of smell.
Loyalty Devoted and loyal to their families.
White Shih Tzu are walking with girl in garden

White Shih Tzu are walking with girl in garden

Temperament and Personality

White Shih Tzus are known for their friendly and outgoing nature. They are social dogs that enjoy being around people and other animals. They make great companions and are well-suited for families, singles, and seniors alike.

Despite their small size, white Shih Tzus have a big personality. They are playful and lively, always ready for a game or a walk in the park. They are also known for their affectionate nature and love to be cuddled and pampered by their owners.

White Shih Tzus are generally good with children and get along well with other pets if properly socialized from a young age. They are not known to be aggressive or territorial, making them a great choice for households with multiple pets.

Training and Exercise

Like all dogs, white Shih Tzus benefit from early socialization and obedience training. They are intelligent and eager to please, which makes them relatively easy to train. However, they can be stubborn at times, so consistent and positive reinforcement methods work best.

When it comes to exercise, white Shih Tzus have moderate energy levels. They enjoy daily walks and playtime in a securely fenced yard. However, they are not high-energy dogs and are well-suited for apartment living as long as they get regular exercise and mental stimulation.

It’s important to note that white Shih Tzus are brachycephalic, which means they have a shortened muzzle. This can make them more susceptible to heat exhaustion, so it’s essential to provide them with a cool and comfortable environment, especially during hot weather.

White Shih Tzu are walking with girl

White Shih Tzu are walking with girl

Health and Care

White Shih Tzus are generally healthy dogs, but like all breeds, they are prone to certain health issues. Some common health problems that can affect white Shih Tzus include respiratory issues, eye problems, dental issues, and allergies.

To ensure the well-being of your white Shih Tzu, regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, and proper grooming are essential. Their long coat requires daily brushing to prevent matting and regular bathing to keep it clean and healthy.

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Health Issues

  • Brachycephalic Syndrome: Due to their flat faces, Shih Tzus can suffer from breathing difficulties.
  • Eye Problems: They are prone to eye conditions like corneal ulcers and dry eye.
  • Dental Health: Regular dental care is crucial to prevent dental issues.
  • Allergies: Some Shih Tzus may have skin or food allergies.

Dog Food and Diet Requirements

White Shih Tzu are eating healthy food

White Shih Tzu are eating healthy food

  • Feed high-quality dog food appropriate for their age, size, and activity level.
  • Divide meals into smaller portions to prevent overeating.
  • Consult your vet for specific dietary recommendations.


  • Shih Tzus have long, silky coats that require regular grooming.
  • Brush their fur daily to prevent matting.
  • Regular baths and trimming are essential.

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  • Shih Tzus are expressive and communicate through body language.
  • Pay attention to their cues to understand their needs.

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White Shih Tzu with caretaker

White Shih Tzu with caretaker

  • Shih Tzus thrive in homes with attentive and loving caretakers.
  • Regular grooming, exercise, and companionship are essential.

Recognizing White Shih Tzu

  • Look for their distinctive white coat, round face, and expressive eyes.
  • Their small size and elegant appearance set them apart.

Male vs. Female

  • In terms of temperament, there’s usually no significant difference between male and female Shih Tzus.
  • Neutering or spaying can impact behavior and health.
  • Choose based on your preferences and lifestyle.

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In conclusion, the white Shih Tzu is a beautiful and charming companion that brings joy and happiness to any household. With their stunning appearance, friendly personality, and easy-going nature, they make excellent pets for individuals and families alike.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Shih Tzu


What games do White Shih Tzu enjoy?

Indoors, they love hide-and-seek and puzzle toys. Outdoors, short walks and gentle agility courses suit their small size and playful nature.

Are White Shih Tzu good with training?

White Shih Tzu dogs are intelligent but can be stubborn. Positive reinforcement techniques work best for training. Early socialization ensures good behavior.

How should I care for a White Shih Tzu’s coat?

Their long, silky coat requires regular grooming. Daily brushing helps prevent matting. Regular baths and trimming are also necessary to maintain their elegant appearance.

What are the health issues associated with White Shih Tzu?

White Shih Tzu dogs can experience brachycephalic syndrome (breathing difficulties), eye problems, dental issues, and allergies. Regular vet check-ups are essential for their well-being.

Is white the most popular color for Shih Tzu?

Yes, white is the most sought-after color in the Shih Tzu breed. While they come in various colors (including blue, brown, and gray), solid white Shih Tzu are considered rare. Most breeders aim for white with other color accents, creating endless possibilities.

What is the origin of White Shih Tzu?

The White Shih Tzu originated in Tibet and was bred by Tibetan monks. These dogs were considered sacred and were often given as gifts to Chinese emperors. They were known throughout as “lion dogs” due to their resemblance to Chinese guardian lions.

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